Facial Analysis is the art of naturally observing the face and using it as a tool for detecting stages of inflammation, current weakened or stressed organs, as well as assessing the current health levels of bodily systems according to inherent strengths and weaknesses or according to an individuals lifestyle.  The face has been systematically divided into areas that relate to systems and organs within the body.  Therefore, this non-invasive system of assessment based on natural examination and observation of the face for physical markings and characteristics can reveal moment by moment the natural health state of an individual.  All wrinkles, blemishes, pimples, moles, bumps, brown spots, age spots, flaking, dry skin, peeling areas, scars, pockmarks, growths, discolorations, and swelling are realized in the areas of the face that are reflexive or relating to particular organs and systems of the body.

Ever since the time of creation, mankind has been observing facial features to determine the health of a person.  Why?  The face is the very first thing someone will notice relating to ones health.  Think of it!  When was the last time you or someone you know was sick?  How did they look?  What was the color of their skin?  What did their eyes look like?  Did they look older?  Did they look tired?  We always look different when we are not well.  Obviously, God has divinely created the face to reveal continuously the natural health of an individual.  The art of Facial Analysis is using another means of what our Creator has given us to naturally determine the state of our health.




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